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What to Expect

Ember is growing every day, and EmberConf is the best place to meet the folks behind the magic. You'll hear from members of the Ember Core Team, top community contributors and users, and be the first to know what to expect for the future of Ember.

Along with the two days of Conference Sessions, we've got opt-in trainings and activities. Check out the in-progress Schedule for details.

What Your tickets get you:

  • Admission to two days of talk sessions
  • Access to after-hours parties
  • Official conference swag
  • Lunch and snacks on both days
  • Access to our fantastic attendees and speakers

Book a room

Stay with us in our discounted room block

We've reserved discounted blocks of rooms at the nearby Portland DoubleTree and Crowne Plaza hotels. Both are a quick walk or one/two-stop ride on the MAX from the convention center. The room blocks are limited and expected to sell out (the DoubleTree is mostly full already), so reserve your spot ASAP.

Monday Trainings

Like last year, we're organizing discounted trainings to run alongside EmberConf; these happen at the same time as our Monday activities, so you can only choose one or the other. Trainings will take place at the conference venue.

Build Your Own Adapter

This training will be delivered by Igor Terzic, newest member of the Ember core team.

While using Ember Data's RESTAdapter is pretty smooth, sometimes your server requires you to dive deep and use a fully custom adapter. This workshop will show you how to implement the basic adapter and serializer hooks on your own.

When you finish this course, you'll be able to get going quickly with Ember Data with your very own adapter for custom backend APIs. And even if you still use the RESTAdapter, you'll have a better understanding of how it all works under the hood.

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of Ember Data's Model and Store layer
  • Demo of the RESTAdapter
  • Lets build the simplest thing that could possibly work
  • Using $.AJAX in an Ember app directly
  • Abstracting the jQuery code using a Serializer and an Adapter
  • A basic CRUD adapter using EmberData's Adapter API
  • Making the simple thing work well
  • Using more advanced Adapter hooks
  • Using the JSON Serializer for parsing payloads
  • Taking what we learned and applying it to the RESTAdapter
  • Customizing the RESTAdapter with complex payloads, custom URLs, pagination, etc.

Ember CLI: Up and Running

This training will be delivered by The Frontside. They'll be joined by Ember CLI creator Stefan Penner for the Q&A portion of the class.

You've almost certainly heard that it's time to move to Ember CLI. For a lot of us, it can seem a little intimidating. In this workshop, we'll explore Ember CLI in two stages: First, we'll build an Ember CLI app from scratch, then migrate an existing, traditional "global" style app to ES6 and Ember CLI.

You'll learn the tools, techniques, and challenges gathered from moving several production applications to Ember CLI. Whether you're an existing Ember developer or this is your first production CLI app, this workshop will equip you to start taking advantage of the fact that Ember CLI makes building client-side apps one-point-twenty-one jiggatimes more fun.

  • Getting Started
  • Overview of Ember CLI
  • Understanding ES6 modules
  • Organization and file structure (traditional vs. pods)
  • Building a basic application with CLI
  • Getting set up with Ember CLI, including tests
  • Generating routes, controllers, and helpers
  • Connecting to a server via proxy
  • Using Ember CLI Addons like CSS preprocessors
  • Refactoring an existing application to Ember CLI
  • Using ember-cli-migrator to automate migration
  • Moving vendored files to plugins and bower components
  • Moving tests and getting them running
  • Incorporating into existing codebase and workflow
  • Common gotchas + Q&A with Ember CLI creator Stefan Penner

Extra Activities

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